We have established specific strategies in practice that we believe train and enhance our players’ mindset. We began to see such tremendous results in our players throughout practices that we developed a weekly online mindset training group.

Our one hour zoom meetings consist of mentorship from Master Coach and Director, Pri Piantadosi-Lima, and Master Coaches, Jules Colina and Delaney Clesen. We also have had special guests speak on their own experiences on the path to greatness. We have heard from many of the best athletes and coaches in the world such as Misty May Treanor, Holly McPeak, Kara Winger, John Hyden, and many other AVP and Olympic Athletes.

These meetings are beneficial for every age and level of player as we have seen our Juniors, NCAA, AVP, and FIVB athletes join from all over the country and cultivate their own meaningful experience from the lessons being taught. Our athletes and coaches join in these meetings with the commitment to gain more knowledge about themselves in order to apply new strategies and ways of thinking to the game.

We will have four levels of mindset training consisting of many topics; such as how to be great, creating better relationships with partners, how to overcome, discipline, balance, and so many others. You must start at level one and work your way through the levels. We will meet once a week for one hour through a Zoom Meeting.